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The Syrian civil war has been ongoing for years, and it has no sign of stopping.

According to the United Nations, the war resulted in 6.8 million refugees, and 4 million of them stayed within the border of Turkey, which has been bothering the locals of Turkey.

The refugees have caused a lot of social issues in Turkey, and seeing the rising frustration towards the refugees, a Taiwanese scholar Chen-Yu Chiu, who teaches in Turkey’s Ankara Bilkent University decided to lend a hand.


The story of Taiwan Reyhanli Centre 2

Wicked Problems

Trying to solve the refugees' problems, Chen-Yu Chiu decided to start with his expertise which is architecture, and build a shelter for the refugees. He came to Reyhanli, the border of Turkey and Syria, and discussed the shelter issues with the mayor.

It's not an easy task to suggest building shelters. Chen-Yu Chiu spent five years finding locations, designing, and discussing with the past four mayors. There were multiple hurdles during the planning - the design of the building, the location, how it is used, and most importantly the source of the funds. With these issues, it seems like an impossible task to build The Taiwan Reyhanli Center.


The story of Taiwan Reyhanli Centre 3

Help from Taiwan

During 2020, Chen-Yu Chiu got in touch with Taiwan’s crowdfunding. With the help of Lin Hwai-Min and director Wu Nien-Jen, the first round of the fund raising received generous support from over 5,000 people. The Taiwan Reyhanli Center has finally completed.


The story of Taiwan Reyhanli Centre 4

One more step towards success - sustainable motor

With the housing being built, the refugees finally have roofs under their heads. But what comes next is to keep the center sustainable. Having concrete walls and roofs are not enough, Chen-Yu Chiu knows that the project has not been completed yet.

As an architect, Chen-Yu Chiu has thought of the sustainable issues. Through his design sketches, it shows that the collecting system, solar power systems, and other sustainable systems were clearly planned out. Chen-Yu Chiu's vision of the world center is just missing one step.

In 2022, he started the second round of crowdfunding, hoping to find support for his idea of the sustainable motor for the center.

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A word from the executive officer

The Taiwan Center is a safe haven for the refugees of Syria, it is also a place of self-reliance and settlement for the global citizens. We provide education resources, so the children can get the language skills they deserve. The children should learn civic education to ease into society, to change their trajectory of their fate. In the meantime, the moms can use their expertise to produce stable income for the family, while having the peace of mind that the children are getting their education, and being fed properly.

For the past 10 years, hardly any of the local NGO have sold their handmade items outside of Turkey, but we did it! The Taiwan Center not only accomplished it, we are continuing! Here I ask you to please take this kindness into action, and give me a hand, so that I have enough power and resources to keep pushing.

I believe the refugee situation can be changed! I believe in the warmth around the World! I believe in the future of the kids. Please give your greatest love to The Taiwan Center, and let me handle the hurdles, may life be more equal and live on. Because of you and me, the world will have less pain, and more hope!

The Taiwan Center, near the border of Turkey and Syria will bear the weight from the goodwill of Taiwan, and philanthropic thought to ignite hope. Thank you for believing in me, and supporting me!

Willing peace, and joyness

Volunteer, CEO, and Architect The Taiwan Reyhanli Center


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